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CVP Students Awarded for Excellence

Dance - More Than Just Education

Dance is often a subject that gets overlooked when choosing what to do at college, but with so many elements within dance courses, can any student risk not taking this high energy, fast moving subject? As a subject Dance is one that offers both practical and theoretical approaches to learning. Both A Level and BTEC Dance courses at NPTC Group offer students the opportunity to excel in education, pushing them to be the best they can be, whilst giving them the opportunity to prepare for university success. Dance is viewed as a physical and entertaining art form, but the academic content of the courses on offer can cover a range of elements from more well known subjects. History, Cultural Studies, English, Maths and Science feature as part of the analytical and choreographic areas of the dance course and students are expected to achieve high levels of both academic and artistic merit across the two year programmes. With a 15% decrease of people taking A Level Dance in England and Wales last year it is important that the subject of Dance is more understood and at NPTC Group the courses on offer provide young people with the opportunity to increase their skills and understanding of so many areas of study, giving dance students better variety when it comes to university subject choices.