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CVP Students Awarded for Excellence

Nutcracking Success


Craig Coombs, Subject Leader for Dance at NPTC Group led the dance students in a production of The Nutcracker this week, which can only be described as a visual and beautiful spectacle, enjoyed by all who saw it.


As part of the department’s enrichment activities programme the students have been rehearsing intensively for the past two months and it is clear that their efforts have been rewarded in this full length production at the Nidum Arts Centre.  The venue itself was transformed into both a creatively monochrome high school in Act 1 and a dramatically colourful dream world in Act 2, all of which was held together by the innovative vision, storytelling and choreography of its creator. 


The college’s dance department has been at the centre of excellent for the past decade and is no stranger to theatrical dance success, but this was the first time the department had attempted such a well-known dance production and it was an impressive achievement, selling out at the box office and leaving audiences wanting more. 


Mr Coombs, who trained at Laban, commented that;


“This production was a crazy idea, but all the best ones are.  I wanted to tackle something new and have been promising myself that we would do The Nutcracker for years and this Christmas seemed like the best time.  We have such excellent dance talent in the dance department and the students have been truly wonderful to work with…this production could not have been a success without them.”


The choreography was also contributed to by dance lecturer Saydi Jones and the newly appointed ballet and jazz specialist Elise Addiscott, making this production an excellent example of the dance department’s collaborative approach. 


Audiences have commented as below;


“It was beautiful, funny and whacky, all tied up with a professional bow.”


“A magnificent performance.”


“This was not just The Nutcracker; this was The Nutcracker on acid!”


“The production was so very well polished and the discipline shown by each and every member of the cast was very professional.”


“We were enthralled and absolutely loved it…we haven’t stopped talking about it all week!”


“The students were absolutely amazing and a credit to their teachers.”


“It’s just magic!”