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CVP Students Awarded for Excellence

Students STEP UP with National Youth Dance Wales

Dance students Daniella Powell and Mia Christopher have both won places on the exclusive NYDW training programme. 


Led by NYDW Artistic Director, Kerry Nicholls, Step Up offers each participant an intensive training opportunity that focuses on technique and core skills through class, and creative and repertoire sessions. The emphasis is on the individual and includes space and time for constructive feedback and support. Step Up is a national programme offering three residencies during 2015/16 (one per term) strategically located in North, South and Mid-/West Wales. The management and delivery of these residencies is based upon the successful NYDW model, and will give all participants an insight to NYDW membership and expectations. Step Up is a relationship between NYDW and local dance leaders/providers.


NPTC Group is extremely proud of such an achievement and looks forward to seeing the students’ development over the next year.