Media Course - AS/A Media Studies

AS/A Media Studies

Media Courses

Media Studies is a subject that is accessible in that it focuses on many of the things you already know of and enjoy such as films, TV programmes, music and advertisements. What we will teach you is how to consider such products critically, thinking analytically about how they are created and consumed. Media Studies also involves practical work, where you learn the techniques involved for the production of your own media text. You might produce pop videos, TV commercials, magazine advertisements, computer animation, web sites and documentary videos. Above all you should become more conscious of your media consumption habits and more inclined to question what you are consuming.

AS Specification

MS1 Media Representation and Responses (Written Paper 2 hours 30 min, 50% of total AS marks). MS2 Production Processes (Practical course work 50% of total AS marks).

A2 Specification

MS3 Media Investigation and production (Practical course work 50% of total A Level marks) MS4 Text, Industry and Audience (Written Paper 2 hours 30 min, 50% of total AS marks)

Career Prospects

Successful completion of the programme may lead to further studies in Media, Journalism, Broadcasting and Communication at higher education or employment within the broadcasting and advertising industries. This subject combines well with AS/A level Graphics Design, Photography, Art and Design, Film Studies, Communication Studies, English and Languages.

Entry Requirements

A minimum of 6 GCSEs at grade C or above is an avantage although it is not mandatory.

Course Costs

Range of media related equipment/mateᆳrials – approx. £35 (eg. Course file, data storage, headphones, photographic paper, etc.) Printing fee – £10 per year. Video Camcorder (optional) – £250+. Students will be expected to attend media workᆳshops through out the academic term. Approximately £7 per visit, depending on location.


Internal and external moderation for practical units and written examinations.

Length of Course

Two Years

Examining Board



Neath Campus

Contact Details

Amy John
 Tel: 01639 648324
Email: [email protected]