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Case Study : Sam Bennett

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Sam Bennett

Sam came to Neath Port Talbot College from Dwr y Felin School and is in his final year of study following A Levels in Graphics, Media and Photography.

Sam in his own words...

I'm quite a quiet person, socially awkward, and by no means a genius at anything. But Neath Port Talbot has given me something very special; CVP has allowed me to express myself in so many different ways, and all through creative and artistic outlets, I've chosen to take on Graphic Design, Photography and Media Studies for my A-Levels, and am now in my second year of college.

I strongly encourage anybody who wants to pursue a career in art, to take a look at Graphics and Photography, also Textiles (which I took last year as a 4th AS course). You get a ridiculous amount of freedom with these subjects, the first years creates a theme, but it's up to you as an individual, as an artist to interpret the theme in anyway you see fit. Decay was the theme selected for my first AS year for Graphics and Photography: Graphics involved the theme of decay being something both social and physiological, I tried to show how society can brutally force an individual in acting and looking a certain way and as a result they loose who they are in the process.

For my Textiles project, I took on the theme of fame and celebrity, and created the project as a love letter to famous women and men who lived and died tragically in the eyes of the media. From the theme of decay, you can spawn many ideas; it's all about subjective interpretation. The second year, both sets you free from the chains completely and allows you to address topics which you want to cover.

Media is also an excellent subject for individuals who want to look into a little bit of everything. It allows you to cover how the film, music, publishing and television industries all work, and let's you partake in writing your own reviews and analyses' on a wide number of different media formats, including the ones mentioned previously. It also allows you to design a marketing campaign in the first year, and the second year even goes as far as to let you direct your own music video or short film. The possibilities are seemingly endless. I am extremely grateful to NPTC, for giving me the opportunity to partake in 2 very exciting years of creative and artistic freedom.