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Case Study : Ryan Lee Moule

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Ryan Lee Moule

Ryan studied A level Photography and Fine Art from 2005 to 2007. Ryan has always had a deep fascination with photography and after successful completion of his A-levels he progressed onto the Foundation Art & Design course at Swansea Metropolitan University.

After completion of his foundation year, he was accepted onto the BA Hons Course in Photojournalism at Swansea Metropolitan University, in which he became increasingly interested in lens based media. By the time Ryan reached his third year he transferred to BA Hons Photography in the Arts in which he begun to experiment with video and photography. Ryan exhibited his final major project at the Truman Brewery in Brick Lane, London and graduated with a 1st class honors degree.

After a year as the artist in residence in the faculty of Art & Design in Swansea Metropolitan University, Ryan gained a place at the Royal College of Art to study a Masters degree in Photography.

He has recently exhibited at Turner House in Penarth as part of the fotogallery exhibition "This Unfolds"

Ryan in his own words...

"From a very young age I'd been fascinated by the power of the still photograph. I'd be transfixed for hours staring at my father's collection of photographs that his grandfather had made. Two generations and a World War had passed and there in the smallest of objects stared back my own history. It's these encounters that led me to pursue photography, a want to learn not only the techniques of photography but also its meaning and place in the world.

My experience at Neath Port Talbot College provided me with the right knowledge and skills to apply to my practice and enabled me to continue to progress into higher education, resulting in good exhibitions and contributed to helping me to get to where I am now".

Examples of Ryan's work can be found on his website: